Depth of color, Strength of hue

Every project begins with a concentration in color. Without the correct color, the space begins to fall apart. This project was a special one because I was sought out directly by the homeowner. He runs a manufacturing firm on Johns Island that handcrafts all natural, organic, makeup and beauty care products. His products are used by some of the best design houses in the States and in Europe so in building his home he wanted to conduct his own research to seek out the finest and purest building materials with which to work. Hence where our Venetian plaster and our expertise in color creation begins.

DSC_9137Cassique Project : Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Every surface of this 24,000 sq.ft. home is covered in 4 layers of our Venetian plaster in a custom color we created specifically for this client and his spaces : ‘Lieber Gold’. With a slightly textured finish application to create a more authentic, hand crafted appeal, the finish coat was applied in 2 different application layers followed by a single coat of all natural beeswax sealant. The beeswax not only protects but allows the plaster to breathe naturally and take in Carbon Dioxide from the surrounding environment to still cure.

DSC_9909-2Master of Plaster’s Venetian Plaster

The depth of hue can really be felt as you experience each individual space, as you move throughout the interiors and you begin to interact with the walls. The beeswax itself was custom tinted using raw umbers and burnt siennas to create a deep, dark, almost Tuscan hue. The coloration begins to pick up in the textures and the crevices that were created during both base coat applications as well as the finish coat applications of the plaster.


Every surface throughout the building is angled – all corners are bull nose corners created out of plaster and the ceilings are defined by the most beautiful archways. These intricate and detailed projects really show the craftsmanship and artistry of the plasterer and the trade – all work was performed by Dillon Construction Services out of Charleston, SC. Experts in both new design/build installs as well as historic preservation.

DSC_0002 Detail of entryway bullnose ceiling

The authenticity of an all natural Venetian plaster is expressed through its nuances, through its depth of hue and saturation of color. Many of the faux products on the market verge more towards paint due to all of the added acrylics and synthetics. The complexity of lime plaster lies in its simplicity – work with only authentic, natural materials and you will achieve the most beautiful architectural finishes. Living in a space derived of nature has an immense impact on the overall feel and aesthetic of an interior.

DSC_0558-2Interiors derived of nature – Plaster, Wood, and Stone

The light reads off of plaster in stages – the space evolves from season to season as light exposure changes as well as the surfaces maintain a daily evolution as the sun rises and sets. The interaction of light and plaster is fascinating as plaster isn’t a static, flat material like a paint or a paper. The best way to describe this installation is ‘interactive’ – the beauty is soft and subtle but you discover more and more about each space as each day passes.


Search for the beauty in the natural world, and once you find it hold on to it tight. These are the strings that pull every plasterer to his/her trade – making the most striking spaces out of nature and all that she offers. After 8 color iterations and 4 different creations of the tinted beeswax we were able to truly create the perfect color for the perfect space. Thrilled to be a part of this special creation at Cassique on Kiawah Island. Place making is never easy and the entire team created something beautiful and lasting on this site.

DSC_9367-2“Time is a material, too” – Joan Jonas