Pretty in Pink

Along upper Meeting Street in Charleston, South Carolina, tucked away in a historic home, you will find the newest endeavor by the famed chefs of Xiao Bao Biscuit. Restaurant Tu is a creative collaboration in culinary experimentation, the owners desiring to create a space inspired from all over the globe. The menu is ever-changing and the interior space responds to the experimentation of the menu.

Restaurant Tu I Meeting Street, Charleston, SC

The pale pink plaster is defined by a deep green marble that characterizes the bar as well as pops of plush orange seating within the interior spaces. The juxtaposition of these three colors helps to spatially delineate each distinct area within the restaurant from dining to bar to design work.

The subtle pink gives a soft backdrop to the vibrant oranges, deep greens, and airy whites of the other defining elements within the space.

For this unique installation we created a deeper hue of pink for the base coat to build out a depth of color. From here the lighter hued pink finish coat is applied with a slight texture to give a sense of transparency to the darker pink underneath. Once the lime achieved its full cure then a clear natural beeswax sealant was added for protection of the new finishes.

Textured finish applications highlight the variations in color throughout the application.
Three coat Venetian Plaster Installation
Pops of purple and green to compliment the pink plaster walls.
Delicate details define every authentic plaster installation.