Texture & Color

Textures and Colors are two elements of the artistic world that help define us as plasterers.  These two characteristics appeal to our sense of sight and our sense of touch as individuals.  It is within this realm of characteristics that sets plaster apart from any other Interior coatings material in all of history.  Lime plasters play and dance on the wall.  They interact with each other and with the surrounding substrate during the application process.  Each subsequent layer works with the previous layer to produce unique colors and depths of hues and tones that no other material can truly achieve.  The material is not transparent yet the colors react in a way that makes one believe it just might be possible to distinguish from layer to layer.  Once the material has set, the surface becomes alive and responds to other elements within our built environment.  The lighting of a space informs the visual understanding of the plaster wall or ceiling while the room’s structure and design itself impacts the materials appearance.  The bodies and colors within the space also impact how the light and colors and hues are expressed and portrayed.  The artistry that correlates with this material isn’t confined to colors and hues, the textures created using plasters are just as artistic and expressive and interactive with the surrounding environment as well.  It is within these two realms that plaster far surpasses any other material as an artistic expression.  Thus, it is within these two realms that we find most of our passions lie.  Colors and textures will always be a passion of the plasterer and we take pride in being experts at defining and establishing these two characteristics of our materials.

Color: the quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by the object, usually determined visually by measurement of hue, saturation, and brightness of the reflected light:

intensity, luminosity, value, stain

Texture: the characteristic physical structure given to a material, an object, etc by the size, shape, arrangement, and proportions of its parts:

arrangement, balance, character, fineness, essence, nature, structure, framework, quality, constitution, form