The Creation of a Color – Plaster of Restaurant Tu

Talk about perfection in Pink! Plaster always and forever pretty please. All images provided by Restaurant Tu.

Gauguin once said “Color…What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams…” and I could not agree with him more. Much of my time is spent crafting, creating, collaborating with designers, and ultimately perfecting the color palette for an interior installation. So much so that I begin to dream about color, and not the calming peaceful dreams of amber light and soft delicate blues – but of the stressful brilliant greens and jagged reds. Perfecting a color, for me, is of the highest importance and the greatest focus of my work. Strategic and meticulous are the best terms to describe the creation of a perfect color.

The slight textures of the finish coat give a subtle variation in the hues of the single pink color – Venetian plaster at its finest!

So much power is derived from the colors of your surfaces – architectural finishes are not normally the most heralded element of an interior design project but so much of the spatial understanding is derived from the materials used to craft the walls and ceilings. Hence my obsession with lime plaster. As a natural material these finishes change throughout the day – ebbing and flowing in different lights and with different accents. They are not a static material like a paint or an acrylic plaster or a paper coating. Our plasters play and dance in the light. There is a temporal aspect that must be taken into account with each new passing project.

Delicate and Detailed. Pretty and Pink. Pink and Plastered.

And I’m thrilled to share with you all the interiors from Restaurant Tu. We worked very hard on creating the absolute perfect pink for this space and I am so in love with how the interiors turned out. Charleston, South Carolina – your culinary mecca just upped its game with not only one of the most unique and interesting menus but with one of the most unique and fabulous interiors in which to dine! Located at 430 Meeting Street, stop by next time you’re visiting the Holy City!

Your eyes just cannot leave the pink plaster surfaces can they?! Restaurant design/interior design at its finest.

And the loveliest part of this entire process and seeing it all materialize after months of work? Seeing the spaces being inhabited – seeing how they are used and how they come to life as people ebb and flow throughout the space just like the plasters that grace their walls around them.

The most beautiful bar in town. Designed with the most beautiful pink plaster.

A quirky menu for an even quirkier city – love you Charleston and love your plaster interiors even more.

The sun sets and the space begins to softly glow, the Venetian plaster serving as the reflective backdrop needed.