Woodrow Wilson Family Home

The only Presidential site in the entire state of South Carolina also happens to be the only family home that was ever actually owned by Wilson’s father while growing up. The Historic Columbia Foundation has carried out a phenomenal process of stewardship by first purchasing, then funding, and finally restoring, this magnificent structure that has quite the impact on the architecture of not only Columbia but of the state of South Carolina. The time frame as well of this particular structure helps to tell the story of the society and the culture of Reconstruction Era South Carolina. Such an interesting story and such an amazing legacy we are able to pass on to the future generations of this rich heritage.

The Master of PlasterĀ Restoration Plasters were used to restore and preserve the millions of memories tied up within the walls of this building. If you are ever visiting Columbia this structure is a must see a midst your adventures.

The Decorative Arts are some of the most elegant forms....Woodrow Wilson Family Home Chandelier

The Decorative Arts maintain some of the most elegant forms….Woodrow Wilson Family Home Chandelier…with a stunning plaster ceiling to serve as its backdrop, of course!