Columbia City Hall County Council Chambers

Right now we are restoring the Council Chambers of Columbia’s City Hall.  Built in 1870, the structure was added to the National Register of Historic Places on June 19th, 1973.  Designed by Alfred B. Mullett, the structure is an excellent example of Renaissance Revival Architecture.  Mullett served as the United States Supervising Architect for 15 plus years with noted projects being the south wing of the Treasury Department in DC, the US Mint Building in San Fran, the Post Offices of  Boston, New York, Philadelphia and others.  This structure is amazing, I love it, and I love that I had no idea that the Interior Ornamental Plaster is so decorative.  It’s my first time working from 3+ stories of scaffolding but it’s been quite the excitement repairing, remoulding, and restoring the plasterwork.

Extensive Damages

and Extensive Elevations

Ornamental Plaster Corner Brackets

Excellent Spatial Proportions

Damaged Rosettes

Layers of Time