a very colored past

Stained glass design of the KKBE


The beauty of Historic Structures lie in that the final structure is something that is greater than just the sum of its parts.  Each step within the construction of the building attests to the skill of the artisan that worked on the different stages of the structure.  The detailing is where the beauty lies.  This is why I am always so struck by the intricate ornamental plaster patterns.  Or the ever so complex stained glass designs.  All of these elements work together harmoniously to bring about an expression of passion and pride in the built fabric of our cities.  And this is why altering these original designs can hinder the true meaning of a structure so greatly.  Preservationists and restorationists many times disagree on what actions should be taken to “restore” or “preserve” or even “maintain” a building.  The steps needed to be taken will always be an issue of contention in the professional realm, but as long as we are acknowledging the question of what exactly preservation entails, we will continue to move forward in providing the best care and the best plans for our shared built structures.