The Power of a Sketch

Never underestimate the beauty of a sketch.  Or the beauty of the act of sketching, which can be more powerful than a sketch itself.  As a designer, the single most informative tool you can use is the sketchbook and the pen.  There is something so informative and so discerning about a sketch.  You uncover and learn and discover, not only about your subject or the idea at hand, but about yourself as an individual as well.  Sketching might seem simple and out of date to some, but those of us who have been trained in the art of truly seeing know that sketching is one of the only ways to really understand and study a design, or a thing, or a work of beauty.  I am sharing with you 4 different ceiling designs, all completed out of plaster, and they are each telling of the process of layering of ornamentation that is hard to discern when simply seeing the final product in place, high above one’s head. Always enjoy the Evolution of a Design, all the way from its first inception to its final completion.