a mid-august getaway

I know I’ve mentioned this a time or two before, but I am always amazed by the uniqueness of the Texture, Light, and Color of each city.  Different seasons present different opportunities and means of experiencing the built environment.  Last time I visited Boston was a few years ago in early November.  The cold had already set in and established itself as part of the daily routine of the city.  Less light meant for darker days and deeper yearnings.  The city scape did not serve as a source of exposure and expression, but rather as a harsh reality that must be met head on, face full of wind and snow. Needless to say my trip this time around was quite a different experience.  The city itself presented a much different attitude along with different textures, lights, and colors.  I was just lucky enough to be there to capture tiny tidbits of these special moments in the life of Boston.

Tiptoe-ing along the wharf

Backbay-ing it

Trinity Church

Ornamental Ironwork of Trinity


Medallion-ing and plaster ornamentation

Not many colors can beat that of the hues and depths of steel that are developed over time