for the love of books

So last week it was Christmas here at Master of Plaster.  We were sent 3 different boxes of books dating all the way from the early 1800’s from an individual who used to be involved with the company and upon moving, found these old relics that were no longer of use.  What a joy to add these to our beloved collections!  All are on historic architecture and ornamental design and stunning interiors.  The most amazing one?  A book that measures 2 and a half feet tall by a foot and a half long with a depth of 6 inches….published in 1891 in Berlin.  The pages have been beautifully preserved but I dare not peruse through them too much.  If only to translate the pages would be as easy as turning them.

There are so many best book lists out there nowadays it’s hard to keep ’em straight.  And there are so many books on my “to read” list I fear I won’t be able to read ’em all.  But this following list highlights some amazing titles, even if  you aren’t into Urban Design.  Great Streets by Allan Jacobs is an all-time fave of mine.

Planetizen’s Top 20 Books