The Boston Public

Boston, MA.  What more can you really say to describe the grandeur of this city?  The city of Fenway and the RedSox.  The city of infamous tea parties. Of high society and social struggle.  The city of culture, design, innovation.  The city on a hill, set to serve as an example for all those to follow across the ocean.  Such a simple statement yet complex in its entirety.  It’s beauty lies in its interaction with the surrounding waterways and, for me, in its phenomenal history.  The freedom trail not only lays out important moments in our evolution as a country and a people, but also highlights the artisans and craftsmen upon which the country still stands.  The physical representation of history is a vital component of any society, and Boston is a city that understood this simple fact many many years ago.  The people have worked hard to maintain these structures so as to share the beauty of a country, and the beauty of the ideals of its citizens, with the rest of the world.  Of all the structures of this lovely city, the Public Library will always be my favorite.  Both for what it stands for and for it’s stunning ornamental plaster interiors.

Vaulted Ceiling Stunner


Natural Light vs. Artificial

Natural Light vs. Artificial

Scale and Proportion

Layers of detail and design

Marble Accents