Atlanta Summer 2012

I created a rather large number of new pieces for the Summer show in Atlanta this year.  Worked with different materials for bases, different design pours, as well as new finishes.  Alot of what I am doing at this stage is experimental, or what I like to call educated experimental….a little method to the madness is involved if you can believe it.  I had a good number of pieces sell this past week and each time someone discovers a piece of mine they love I get a little smile in my heart.  It is exciting to think of these little bits of my work and myself going off on another part of their journey until they find themselves in a home of someone who truly adores the work.  Each piece is unique, with an amazing history of where it’s come from and I like to think of it’s adventurous story of where it is yet to end up.  Thus I always love to discover which store or designer has bought each piece so I can then get some type of idea of where the piece is ending up.  These are a few of the stores and designers that enjoy my pieces YAY!

Los Angeles, CA

San Francisco, CA

Boston, MA

Rochester, NY

Charleston, SC

Columbia, SC