quite obsessions

I am obsessed with 1stdibs, awesome website, such inspiration.  Every week they publish articles highlighting different designers and artists and individuals who are passionate about their work.  It serves as such great exposure to all sorts of different mediums.  One of my favorites is on American artist Ellsworth Kelly.  Anyone who knows me from the good ‘ol studio days understands I have a slight obsession with forms and shapes and the intersecting and layering of different structures together to create a whole.  His work analyzes similar themes although he pays much greater attention to color and their enhancement/interpretation of space and form as well.  Abstraction is not a stepping away or removal from true experience but rather is an attempt at simplifying and uncovering the basics of our everyday experiences with the world and our surroundings by immersion and simplification.  I love abstraction and its ties to greater processes and understandings.  Being able to express meaning and emotions through lines and shapes is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish and my hats off to Mr. Kelly….enjoy!

Ellsworth Kelly