Male Torso In Motion: 19th Century Plaster Cast

One of my latest pieces, this plaster sculpture is one of the more difficult hand-cast plaster pours to date.  A 2-part rubber mould makes the set–up more extensive and requires an exact and perfect consistency of plaster to create.  The inlay of the mould is intricate and twisted and makes de-moulding extremely difficult to keep the piece intact.  The base is made of salvaged steel and is extremely heavy!  I love the proportions, the weight and solidity of the base as well as the color of the deep dark heavy steel. And then the image of a torso, in motion: white, airy, and floating above the ground plane which is clearly weighing him down.   The muscles of the body are contorting and stressed, pushing against this weight in a continuous effort.  I also love the juxtaposition of the old steel with the new plaster; the strength of the base verses the fragility of the man.