828 greene street

The past few months I’ve been restoring a column capital from an early 1800’s home smack dab in the middle of downtown Augusta, GA.  It’s an absolutely stunning structure and the couple who’s restoring the building are phenomenal to work with.  3 stories, 12 ft. ceilings throughout, ornamental plaster medallions, 9 rooms, 6 bathrooms, 3 original fire places and mantles, and curved walls with matching curved glass windows.

There are 8 columns…3 of the capitals had been completely lost and the others had just degraded through different degrees over time.  Once cutting down a piece of one capital that was still intact there were layers and layers of paint that had to be slowly chipped away.   Lots of time was spent building back  the design lines that had been lost over time but now the original piece is ready to have a mould made.