This project is badass in so many ways…use of materials, degree of difficulty, organization, collaboration, scale of project, and just in general the design ideas driving the layout of the project.  The studio is phenomenal and such an inspiration.  Adore the work.  Check ’em out…

“Studio Glithero capture and present the beauty in the moment things are made, when the duality of product and process becomes one and the same. Running Mould is a 12 metre long bench made on location in gallery space Z33 in Belgium, using 3.5 tonnes of plaster and a team of 9 working continuously with the material. 

The process is an interpretation of the artisanal technique of making plaster cornices found in classical architecture, by running a zinc profile through wet plaster. By translating this process in scale and purpose, we create a spectacle that has the power to trigger an intrinsic understanding of the object, its process, origin and material.”

And here’s a little video on the installation:

Interview with the Designer: