the fancy

I know everyone right now is raving about the little website pinterest.  I went to check it out and can’t lie, I’m not all that impressed.  But that might just be because I stumbled upon The Fancy first.  And I’m slightly obsessed.  The fanciful, beautiful, poetic, hilarious, and many times simplistic pieces are so much fun to browse through.  And of course, any site that presents me with images of the most extravagant libraries will always have my fancy.  One day I will have something along these lines…

Karl Lagerfeld's personal library

Library on Heavens: Strahov Monastery, Prague

When Napolean concquered Europe King John of Portugal sailed to his colony of Brasil and brought many of his belongings with, including most of his books, which are still found here today.

Staircase Bookshelf: London

and not to forget my all time fave: the Biltmore's library. Georgie Vanderbilt's favorite room in the house as well, exceptional taste of course.