to market we go…

Back in July I was up in Lancaster, PA for a few days and one night after the conference I went dt and walked around the city streets.  A great city in itself, tons of character and I’d say charming is the word that best fits the cityscape.  Not overbearing or extremely eclectic but had a unique sense of space all it’s own.  An article was recently published commemorating the Historic Preservation work that was carried out on the Central Market…and also celebrating its rightfully earned Historic Preservation Award.  Built in the early 1700’s in the heart of Lancaster’s downtown, the market has been in operation since 1730 and is recorded as the oldest continuously operating market in America.  The market structure was built in 1889 by architect James Warner and is listed as one of the Top 10 Great Public Spaces in America (2009).  Markets are such fascinating elements within the city structure…so much meaning is tied up in the landscape of a city and the social and cultural implications of a market are rich with this meaning.  Ever since my design project of Charleston’s markets I have held a little special place near and dear to my heart for these urban elements.  I love the care and effort put forth to restore this vital piece of the urban fabric by an understanding and conscious community!

All images by: Sean K Maxwell

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