flower pickin’

The first day up in NY we worked from 9 until 10:30…a full day of setting up the showroom.  We were located in Pier 94 and its truly amazing to see the transformation of the spaces over the span of 24 hours.  Walking in the next morning the entire Pier looked phenomenal when only hours before it was a giant disaster of boxes and wrappings and a mess of people and things all mismatched out of place.  In the early part of the afternoon we loaded up in the truck and drove down into the Flower District and spent the rest of the afternoon picking out plants and flowers for our showroom.  Too much fun!  But even better, the one open space we found among the sea of cars just happened to be right outside a plaster studio! Fate? I think so… After parking I wandered in and met the guys that worked there and they showed me around a baby bit.  There was a certain point they wouldn’t take me past, gotta protect those trade secrets!  But they had a floor to ceiling length mirror made out of plaster moulding from a fireplace restoration they had completed somewhere  in the city.  Twas fabulous.  The studio is called Sculpture House Casting and serves as a foundry and casting studio.


shades of every color