what does vintage mean to you?

So many times now-a-days we throw words around without truly understanding or knowing their meaning.  I love words. and the history of words. and the evolutions of their unique and particular meanings.  I love how words can conjure up certain emotions or certain understandings or even specific memories.  We assign meanings to words when we are young and this is such an important part of our development.  Yet, it seems to slow and dim as we get older and more comfortable within our surroundings.  We stop asking and forget to truly question the identity of a particular word.  Vintage is a word I hear bunches.  and it is used to describe a multitude of things.  Jewelry, Clocks, Furnishings, Fabrics, Watches, Frames, Furniture, Clothes, Hats, Chandeliers, Films, you name it.  And it’s funny, I’ve never truly understood what made something a “vintage” piece.  It looks old?  It’s expensive?  Or then again it’s super cheap?  What qualifies something as vintage?  Vintage simply means “representative of the best and most typical” or “venerable, classic, of lasting interest and importance” .  I’d imagine everyone has their own understanding of the word vintage and it seems people’s obsession with all things vintage is that the concept of what is actually “vintage” is ever changing.  To each their own but all I know is that I’m loving discovering my own concept of vintage!