I met John a few weeks back….swamp people doesn’t have anything on this man.  Straight out of the rivers of Florida, he’s built himself a “compound” in the midst of 160,000 acres along the border of GA.  It’s to this compound that he disappears and goes river diving for all his pieces.  He showed me pictures of his place but “only allows a select few to know how to actually reach him there”.  Also saw pictures of the 250 lb. turtle he caught on one of his diving escapades as well as images of the log carvings he completes using his “river wood”.   Eclectic does not even begin to encompass this man and his truly unique personality.  His ability to talk is unparalleled.  Great man, true salt of the earth.

just a little river geode

freshwater crystalization

when the water is trapped during the formation of these rocks the minerals react with the chemicals of the freshwater to create these intricate detailings and colorings

the minerals result in more pale and pastel colored hues

definitely speaks to a very particular aesthetic