turquoise & pearls

My two favorite stones in this world are turquoise and pearls.  Forget the diamonds and rubies.   Needless to say these shows get me everytime.  While Jean is out and about carousing her rocks I make my way through stands and stands of the most gorgeous colored pearls and the most diverse shades of turquoise around.   Self control, nada.  I’ve bought strands of pearls at every show we’ve been to thus far.  Good thing they are such an amazing price.

Turquoise is known by many names but this most common form dates to the 1600’s and the French term turques…due to the first introduction of this gem to Europe from Turkey and the mines of Persia.

Robin's Egg Blue...the most desirable shade

highlights of gold

exceptional veins of color

deeper shades of green

polished and shaped