color creation

I adore color.  And hues.  And shades.  And pigments.  And playing.

With colors we illuminate, infuse, enliven, emblazon, darken, embellish, and stain the world that is around us.    Color helps define our surroundings and informs us in ways that we don’t fully yet understand.  They influence our moods and impact our interactions.

That’s why the task of coming up with custom color charts for our plasters is one of my favorite things to do.  My latest creation I termed Smokey Mountain Morning.  It’s a beautiful light blue with grey undertones…reminds me of the cool, early mornings in the Great Smokey Mountains…just before the sun has become strong enough in the sky to burn off the mist that hovers along the tree line.

color: referring to the wavelength composition of light

shade: a gradation in color that refers to its degree of darkness

tint: a gradation of color referring to its degree of lightness

hue: referring to the modification of a basic, standard color


Smokey Mountain Morn'

tints measured out in 64th increments

Black, Blue, and Magenta tints are used to create this color

start of the color combination

color combinations are different equivalents for the base coat and the finish coat because of the difference in size of the aggregates that compose the different plasters

tinting for a 1-gallon sample pail

wet pigments must always be used when tinting plaster

this process takes much longer than you'd imagine...

still mixing using a handheld drill and paddle

almost there!

so lovely

once applied and allowed to set the color changes greatly