’tis a storypeople kind of day…

My favorite artist has always been and probably will always be Brian Andreas.   The beauty of his work lies in its honesty and in his ability to tell the stories that characterize everyday life.  He does not attempt to explain the complexities of the human emotion, rather he attempts to express these complexities in a manner that brings deeper understanding to each of us individually.  He is a true storyteller in every sense…his main emphasis is on collecting memories…memories of people, memories of things, memories of places.  The drawings that accompany his stories seem to me more like interpretations of experiences and not so much depictions.  He “believes (fiercely) in the power of stories, not because they’re our stories, but because it is valuable and right to protect the precious connections between people”.

The last book I’ve acquired is titled ‘Traveling Light’….referencing memories,  he claims that “memories weigh nothing & yet, they feel like they’re everything.  They surround us & wash through us & tag along as we go through our lives.  They’re filled with laughter & exuberant gestures & at the same time, they are as quiet as the night wind.”  He has captured many of these memories turning them into stories, so as to “be ready at a moment’s notice to travel when a new adventure calls.”

Truly beautiful work is the kind that moves us in a way that causes us to aspire to be a better person in every sense and yet at the same time strengthens us in our idea of who we are as a unique individual…this is what ‘storypeople’ does for me.