Tritter Feefer

The showroom at Highpoint 2011

The showroom at Highpoint 2011

Tritter Feefer is a design firm out of LaGrange, Georgia…about an hour South of Atlanta.  It is this firm that I was working for all throughout Market Week and what a blast it was.  ML and Bill, the owners and designers, were originally on the retail end of the decorative arts market in Vail, Colorado for 23 years.  Only 3 years old, Tritter Feefer has grown substantially and is becoming a staple in many designers repertoire.  Most amazing about this firm is that much of the wood used is recycled or reclaimed timber that is re-milled and re-processed.  All 44 custom designed finishes are water soluble as well and everything is made to order in America, right in the heart of the South!

Rear view into the space

My days were spent conversing with clients, taking orders, invoicing, rearranging the design space, and trying to keep track of the multitude of designers coming in and out.  I had to learn about the company as best I could as quick as I could and believe me that was quite the challenge.  Not having a background in the furniture trade, I was at a loss so many times when approached with certain questions.  I’m sure some of the designers were perplexed by my lack of knowledge of the industry terms….drop ship charges, bottomline order quotes, opening account cost, and HOMs.  Slightly embarrassing but definitely a great way to learn lots really quickly.

Back wall of the showroom

The best thing about the weekend was meeting and interacting with all of the people there.  Over 80,000 attendees came to the show to visit the 2,000 vendors in the 180 buildings of Highpoint.  I met people from all over, not just the states but from Chile, Canada, Japan, and Spain to name a few.   It was great too because by the end I could start to tell where different people were from.  The Bostonians had a different appearance and presence than the NYC designers and even more so different than the LA crowd.  The Midwesterners seemed a bit harsher while the southerners of course were slow and meandering their way through the show.   The good ‘ol Westerners were always ready to sit around and joke while the North-easterners would be eyeing me with this  “I do not have time to wait for you chatting it up” look.    The Colorado folk were more artsy in their appearance while the Chicago designers were polished to a T.   The Charleston ladies were all dolled up in their pearls while the D.C. ladies were all decked out in their Louis Vuittons.  Undeniably we are informed and molded by our surroundings…more so than we realize I believe…our aesthetic, our ways of interacting with others, our pace, our presentation, and of course our accents.

Dried decorative pomegranate pods

Antique domino set

Vintage chimney sweep brush

Not quite sure...

I love the hardware on this particular piece...

Vintage wooden sticks reclaimed from tobacco fields...used to beat the tobacco reeds

The hit of the show...can you imagine what they are?

These chandeliers are created from reclaimed chicken feeders…turned upside down they were purchased the first day from a designer out of Hawaii.  So our little chicken feeders from good ‘ol Georgia are being shipped far away from their original homes.  So many people were absolutely enthralled by these pieces and it would make me chuckle to watch them pause as they walked by the showroom to ponder and try to decide whatever they could be made of.    A few older men were able to guess and oddly enough, all had grown up on farms.   Innovative ways to reuse old materials is always fascinating.