on pins & needles

Today was a big day.  Finally my shipment cross-country is en route.  A store out in LA ordered three of my largest pieces and I am terrified they are going to break somewhere along the ten or eleven so states it will take them to finally arrive in California.  I’m putting my money on Texas…watch out for those armadillos.  All I know is those are the best crates I can build.  Hands down.  And if this doesn’t work then I’m at a loss for how to handle these pieces.  A shipment a few weeks back out to Dallas…FAIL.   A shipment about two months ago out to Knoxville…FAIL.  And that one was a dual-shipment…two of the exact same pieces, crated and boxed in the exact same way, and one made it while the other one broke in transit.  What makes it worse is when I show up at FedEx and tell them “EXTREMELY Fragile” and they smile and say “Ya, we know” as they slam the box down on the counter or bounce it around from one location to the next.  Needless to say my frustration abounds.  I’ve already looked into hiring freight companies that deal specifically with works of art but that’s getting up to between 800 and 1,000 just to ship along the east coast.  Suggestions? Hints? Tips? Help?  There is a certain quite devastation and sense of disheartening when all of the work you’ve put into a piece, into aging that piece in the unique way for each buyer, into crating and packaging that piece, just to have it end up broken and starting back at square one.  Oh wait, not even square one because at this point I have to go through the whole claims process with the shipping company which is never an easy process either.   But back to the LA shipment.  Those badboys are crated like no other…wood and screws perfectly measured and Styrofoam precisely cut to box in each piece.   The crating itself is a beauty to behold.  Thank goodness because I’m sure the buyers will be real ecstatic to find the contents of each crate broken into multiple pieces when they open the boxes.  Anyways, for the next 7 to 10 business days I will be sitting on pins and needles awaiting the call to discover whether they made it or if indeed they broke along the way. Fingers Crossed!

Final Piece

Final Weight: 85 lbs.

pleeeeeeeeeeease make it!