a treasure of a discovery


little discoveries are uncovered treasures...

So most of my rummaging around out at the warehouse pertains to the moulds and the plethora of tools that I have no idea how they work or any clue how to operate.  But sometimes I steal myself away into the very back room that serves as the little library for Master of Plaster…this room is a tad bit eerie but not given enough attention in the least bit.

It is here that I stumbled across one of my favorite discoveries yet…in the back shelf underneath other, more stately looking bookcovers…I found three Bosch&Peat Wall Paper Sample Books dating one each from 1920, 1921, and 1922.  One is in pretty decent condition while another is badly damaged and the last has managed to withstand the near span of 100 years while losing its cover somewhere along the way. (Are we really already almost to 2020?? Only 8 more years and we’re there…)

I’ve tried to do some research to learn more about the Bosch-Peats name but can only find one reference to the company in the Boston Register and Business Directory from 1951.  Thus, I guess all I can leave you with is a few images of the treasures I discovered…


1920 Sample Book

1922 Sample Book

would a catalog from today last for another 100 years? i wonder...

new york, chicago, boston, and newark

advertising means of the early 20th century

contains such detailed and textured pieces of paper that have retained their color all these years

book binding

referencing correlates to each individual design piece

the house vs. the home