I just wanted to share two little websites I’m currently in love with…


StudioE is an offshoot of Evergreene Architectural Arts…another company worth looking into.  They won this year’s Arthur Ross Award from the ICACA (Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America).  StudioE however deals strictly with creating and manufacturing unique luxury wall-coverings.  They focus on 5 types: Venetian Plaster Wall Paper, Metallics, Hand Prints, Natural Fibres, and Broken Color and Glaze Work.    The art of creating wall papers using a Venetian Plaster Finishing method is brilliant.  Love this idea and I’ve ordered a few samples just to see what the texture of the wall coverings truly are.  Anxiously awaiting their arrival!

Venetian Plaster Wall Paper Sampling

The next website is an online store if you will.  Designers have accounts within this format to reach potential clientele.   Their driving idea behind the site is “All Things Beautiful”.   A few of my mirrors are listed here under the Design Firm Bliss out of LA.  BUT, browse this site when you have the chance.  Truly spectacular pieces and so many artists are featured here.  The spectrum of work is what makes this site so special as well as the depth of research displayed on the pieces and the designers!